APBMT 2015

20th Congress of APBMT, Okinawa, Japan Japan

Presidents: Shinichiro Okamoto

The 20th meeting of Asia Pacific Blood and Marrow Transplantation Group in Okinawa, Japan from the 30th October to 1st October, 2015.


No. of Oral presentations: 53

No. of Poster presentations: 102


No. of Attendees: 567

No. of Attendees in detail


Plenary Session 

Plenary session 1

WBMT/APBMT Joint Session (I): Global Trend of HSCT and the Future Role of APBMT

Plenary session 2

WBMT/APBMT Joint Session (II): Working together with Emerging Countries in HSCT in Asia

Plenary session 3

ASBMT/EBMT/APBMT Joint Session: Future in Hemtopoietic Cell Transplantation

Plenary session 4

Joint Session: Global Alliance for Nuclear Accident Management in the Field of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation