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For new member

Step 1.
Download the Membership Application form(PDFWord file) and the Curriculum Vitae form, fill out all the necessary items. Send the form to APBMT secretariat via contact us.
→ APBMT contact you by e-mail after checking your document.
Step 2.
Pay membership fee via PayPal or Paygent (USD150/100 or USD30).
→ APBMT secretariat give you ID and Password after confirming your payment.
Step 3.
Now, You are a regular member! You can browse the "Members only" pages on this website!

* You need updating your membership annually (Just do step.2).

For already registered member

To pay the annual membership fee using PayPal® or paying credit card via Paygent,


>>Paygent (credit card)

If you have any problem, please contact APBMT secretariat office.

Procedure to browse pages and texts for Members only

When you want to browse Members only contents,

Move to the sign-in page by clicking "Sign In" on the top of this website. Enter your ID and Password issued by APBMT secretariat office.


*Due to APBMT website has been redesigned, you can get "members only" information just through the procedure to sign in. You do not have to fill in ID and Password open page by page.