Outcome Registry

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APBMT Outcome Registry was launched in July 2010.The original APBMT Outcome Registry Forms are identical to the forms of the MED-A of EBMT or the TED of CIBMTR, and the subjects for registration were the same as the subjects for the APBMT Activity Survey. However, the original forms were too large for some countries / regions and it was difficult to collect data for the reporting year 2008 because it is already two years ago. Then simplified report forms with fewer items were introduced by the APBMT Data Center. The following were agreed upon by the Scientific Committee.

  1. For countries / regions with difficulty reporting with the original APBMT Outcome Registry Report Forms, a simplified version of the report forms, “Least Minimum Dataset (LMD)” form, will be accepted as an alternative. All of the items in the LMD are in the original APBMT Outcome Registry Report Forms.
  2. The countries / regions will start reporting from HSCT performed in 2010 (2011, according to their situation).
  3. APBMT Data Center has obtained data transfer agreements between centers and APBMT, and APBMT and CIBMTR.