Cord Blood Transplantation


Mission and Vision of the CBTWG/APBMT

Mission statement:

CBTWG/APBMT is established to improve outcomes of CBT and to promote CB as a standard choice for patients who need stem cell transplantation in Asia.



  • We will develop effective international partnerships.
  • We will regularly exchange the information in the fields of science, clinical practice, and banking.
  • We will design and support observational studies and prospective multi-institutional clinical trials.
  • We will coordinate a network with banks, transplant centers, domestic registries in each countries and CBTWG/ APBMT.
  • We will organize educational activities.



  • Discuss the bank issues and international graft exchange
  • Promote international corporation in Asia
  • Coordinate a network with other association or international registries, e.g. Eurocord, Netcord, EBMT/CB committee, CIBMTR, etc.
  • Investigate clinical questions and factors to affect the clinical outcomes
  • Discuss the basic and clinical use of cord blood as cell therapy



Transplant physician, bank person, scientists who could representative their own countries participated in APBMT.



Minutes of Cord Blood Working Group Meetings are available here Click on the following links to download.
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Minutes of the Cord Blood Working Group - Oct 2013

Minutes of the Nutrition Support Working Group - Oct 2015


Chairman: Satoshi Takahashi (Japan)

WG Members

Name Country Institute
Shinichiro Okamoto Japan Keio Univ.
Shuichi Taniguchi Japan Toranomon Hosp.
Minoko Takanashi Japan Japanese Red Cross Society
Kaiyan Liu China Peking Univ. Inst. of Hematology
Young-Ho Lee Korea Hanyang Univ.
Hoon Kook Korea Chonnam Univ.
Hong Hoe Koo Korea Samsung Medical Center
Hee Young Shin Korea Seoul National Univ.
Naoyuki Uchida Japan Toranomon Hsp.
William Hwang Singapore Singapore General Hosp.
Bor-Sheng Ko Taiwan National Taiwan Univ. Hosp.
ByamBadorj Baatsuuri Mongolia First Central Hosp. of Mongolia
Yoshihisa Kodera Japan Aichi Medical Univ.
Satoshi Takahashi Japan The Inst. of Med. Sci. Univ. of Tokyo
Surapol Issaragrisil Thailand Mahidol University
Zimin Sun China Anhui Provincial Hospital
Huilan Liu China Anhui Provincial Hospital
Bach Quoc Khanh Vietnam National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion